Why Automobile Companies Need Better Team Communication Tools Today

Why Automobile Companies Need Better Team Communication Tools Today

Mary Barra, Chairman, and CEO of General Motors recently commented on the automobile industry at large. She said, “I believe the auto industry will change more in the next 5 to 10 years than it has in the last 50.” She couldn’t have described the transforming face of the automotive sector more succinctly. From electric vehicles to driverless cars to smart automotive paraphernalia, the automobile industry has given the world state of the art products in recent times, making consumers continuously hunger for newer models that sport even better, cutting-edge technology. Globalization has also contributed immensely to the metamorphosis of the automobile industry. Setting up value chains across the globe to leverage the best that each geography has to offer has become a popular and profitable trend.

The most pivotal aspect that can help an automobile company achieve sustainable growth in these fast-changing times is internal communication. Here is how a robust internal communication strategy can help companies gain a competitive edge:

1. Supports Cross-Functional Projects – Innovation has become the new driver for growth and success, and most companies recognize the need for enhanced R&D efforts, better employee outreach, and a much tighter organizational structure. Cross-functional projects that use the best available employees from all over the world and utilize the diverse skill sets that such team members bring to the table are most effective in maximizing the innovation quotient. In such projects, effective team communication is critical for successful outcomes. An office messaging application that is easy to use and can offer real-time connectivity can be extremely beneficial in supporting these sort of projects.

2. Synchronizes Global Value Chains – Large companies often find themselves broken down in silos, especially if they have functions like marketing, product design, and manufacturing spread across geographic regions. Even in such a diverse structure, it is possible to smoothen operations by providing employees with better communication tools that can help them achieve better coordination across borders. A team collaboration system that is mobile based can help break down barriers by allowing teams from all over the world to work together optimally and avoid quality mishaps stemming from miscommunications.

3. Assists In Nurturing Desk-Bound and Non-Desk-Bound Employees – An automobile company usually employs a wide variety of people. From those who have strictly desk-bound jobs to those who do not require a desk at all to accomplish their daily goals at work, myriad people run the show at such companies. Engaging everyone has been a daunting yet essential task. A mobile app that can help foster healthy work relationships by offering a secure knowledge sharing platform can engage people in all types of jobs and at all hierarchical levels.

4. Helps Improve Connectivity With All Stakeholders – Automobile companies typically work with an extensive network of suppliers and distributors. Both manufacturing and sales depend upon how well connected you are with these peripheral yet integral stakeholders. Communicating with them via email especially in times of crisis when immediate responses are required, can be ineffective. Instead, a business communication app is a better option since it provides better accessibility and speed of communication. Such an improvement in communication can help boost sales.

Office Curry’s catalog of tools can help automobile companies achieve all the above benefits through modern-day features that can help engage employees and nurture a collaborative and innovative work environment.

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