Ways In Which You Can Give Your Teacher Engagement Levels An Upward Thrust

Ways In Which You Can Give Your Teacher Engagement Levels An Upward Thrust

Teachers are the most pivotal pillar of the education system around the world. The quality of teachers employed by a school and the extent to which they are engaged and enthusiastic about their work impacts the quality of education that students receive. In the past educational institutions focused merely on introducing innovative teaching techniques, defining standards that every teacher was expected to meet, and making every staff member accountable. Over the years the focus has thankfully shifted towards the teachers especially since they are the ones who are directly involved in the process of shaping the minds of future generations. One of the most important aspects that educators have taken note of in recent years is that it is vital to include teachers while designing and planning the curriculum as well as all special initiatives for every academic year. Institutions all over the globe are slowly waking up to the incredible idea of seeking advise from teachers in order to develop the most effective reform strategies in education. Since they are the ones who work closely with students and, therefore, understand the gaps in the current education system as well as know what works best in which situation, teachers are a treasure trove of rich experience and hands-on knowledge that can be utilised to build a new system that is relevant to the current times and is a much better version of what we had in the past.

Since teacher engagement is so crucial for an education system to work well, here are some strategies that can be employed to achieve high levels of engagement within this group:

  1. Apprise Teachers At An Early Stage Especially In Case Of Special Initiatives – Whenever an institute is implementing special initiatives or programs, it is beneficial to brief the teachers well in advance, preferably during the initial phase of design and planning. Through periodic communication that starts at the onset of such an initiative, it is possible to completely immerse teachers in the process and to gain from their deep expertise. An internal communication app like the one created by Office Curry can be used by schools to ascertain seamless internal communication.
  2. Plan Projects Precisely And Communicate The Roadmap Clearly – For special projects as well as for the regular academic calendar, it is vital to chalk out a precise project roadmap that includes clear goals, timelines, expectations, and available resources. A project plan that includes all this information and is dynamically updated on a regular basis can help rope in teachers and achieve the targets that one set out to achieve.
  3. Set Clear Goals At The Beginning of Each Term – Every teacher should know exactly what is expected of him or her at the beginning of the term so that they are able to plan their work accordingly. Goal setting and delegation of work can be done through the team app created by Office Curry. It is also possible to follow up on the progress of each teacher on each pre-set goal.
  4. Create Sustainable Plans For All Your Initiatives – It is very important to design initiatives in such a way that they are sustainable for the long term. Pilot projects that are not scalable and do not have a very long lifeline simply because their goals are not sustainable are not very beneficial especially when it comes to improving the overall quality of education and have the ability to frustrate teachers and pull down the engagement levels.
  5. Maintain Two-Way Communication – Both top down and bottom up communication lines should be available for teachers and management to converse without any hesitation. Teachers should be able to put forth their opinions without a shred of unease. These inputs are very important as they are coming from those who are working on the ground and, therefore, have the maximum knowledge of what is needed and what strategies have the maximum probability of working.
  6. Offer Incentives To Drive Engagement Levels Up – It is a well known fact that teachers are inherently learners for life. For most of them the biggest motivator is the fact that special initiatives offer an opportunity to learn valuable lessons that are relevant and enable them to be better at their profession. Aside from this, financial incentives also work well in case of long-term projects that require intense participation.

Office Curry’s team app is user friendly and has all those features that one needs in order to forge a strong communication strategy that can push engagement levels upward. This app can, therefore, be a perfect addition to the toolkit that you are currently deploying to motivate teachers.

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