Unified Communication Mobile
& Web App for Hotels

In hotels industry, we understand that the workers have to be on their feet 24×7 assisting guests, cleaning and checking rooms while also staying in touch with their colleagues across property to exchange information about the tasks and updates. While many of the on-foot workers don’t have email IDs, thus arises the need for a unified communication app that connects all of them in real-time maximizing the mobility and thus productivity.

We have the solution for all your communication needs: Office Curry

Learn How Hotels Use Office Curry

  • Coordination

    Instant team messaging to reach every member, including the on-foot workers who doesn’t have an email ID, of your team and get things done on priority.

  • Collaboration

    Get rid of information silos by starting an inter-departmental group to collaborate seamlessly on projects and share updates.

  • Work Automation

    Share daily arrivals, group check-ins/check-outs, important announcements, upcoming events, work roasters with your team members and get everyone on the same page. Leave miscommunication behind.

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Office Curry is free for companies with workers up to 20