Team Communication App Can Skyrocket Your Team’s Productivity

Team Communication App Can Skyrocket Your Team’s Productivity

We all can agree that communication is the key foundation of all the businesses. Without a healthy dialogue between departments, stakeholders and team members, your business might find itself in an abyss. Any aspect of your business, be it planning, budgeting, management or development cannot happen without effective discussion and participation from all the team members.

That is why, in every aspect, communication is a salient feature that affects the productivity of your team and organization and thus cannot be ignored.

But with a range of departments, team members and stakeholders, it might become difficult to keep a track of conversations and discussions leading to one of the most challenging situations faced in everyday operations: how to get everyone on the same page?

Well, Office Curry is here to help!

With a range of features like real-time instant messaging, file sharing, task management – Office Curry will surely change the way your team communicate. Read on to know about the benefits of a Team Communication App.


Communicate with Your On-Desk or On-Foot Soldiers at the Same Time


We all have faced situations where it becomes difficult to reach our on-foot team. For example, in industries like construction, healthcare or hospitality, not all the employees have an email ID where you can reach them out via official communication methods in real-time. Also, in these industries, it is essential to reach out to the staff quickly as the agility in passing the information is critical while dealing with an emergency, serving a guest or sharing an important work update.

You can reach your teams on the ground without having to create an email ID or waiting for them to check the official mode of communication and then respond to the aligned task.

Office Curry allows you to connect with all the members of the organization by just using their mobile phone numbers. Yes, that’s correct. No official email ID is required for them to become a member of the Office Curry group, discussions and chats.


Collaborate with other Departments & Teams


Create groups, discussions, forums to connect and collaborate with inter-departmental colleagues on a real-time basis. You can share files, task details, assign tasks with deadline, manage projects on the app so that any piece of information doesn’t go missing leading to an awry communication.


Move Over Handovers


The past discussions, information and files shared on Office Curry would be available to the new entrant to the group. This helps your new employee get up to speed with the relevant discussions and important topics.


A Safe Space for Storage & Collaboration


With the advent of the digital age, data privacy is something that every company is keen on. We understand the importance of keeping your data safe and secure which is why once the employee leaves a company, HR or Admin can remove them from all the participating groups at one go! The data of your company doesn’t leave the organization.


Enhance Employee Engagement via Inclusion


As per the 2019 statistics released by Gallup, the analytics & employee poll US giant, found that highly engaged employees lead to an increase in productivity by 21%. But why engaged employees lead to higher levels of productivity? It is because employees with over 20% engagement have 41% less absenteeism and 54% lesser turnover.

Now the question is, how do you keep team engaged while being on the same page?

Office Curry allows you to create noticeboards, Directories, chats, groups allowing you to connect with employees on a regular basis while making them a vital part of your business strategy. Use the public forums on Office Curry App to appreciate, recognize and reward your employees. Let them bask in the public glory with other departmental teams congratulating them on their success. At the end of the day, people respond to being rewarded and appreciated.

Engage with them by creating polls, meetings, sharing company successes, media coverages on a regular basis. When employees get regular information and feel that the employer has maintained transparency while providing them with the best team collaboration tool.

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