Out With The Walkie Talkies, In With The Team Communication App

Out With The Walkie Talkies, In With The Team Communication App

Walkie-Talkies, those toy-like gadgets that remind you of an era gone by, are surprisingly still used in many small-scale and mid-scale manufacturing units for internal communications. While these devices may seem to serve the purpose to a certain extent, they do not offer the countless additional features that make mobile communication apps so much more alluring. Besides, walkie-talkies are bulky and difficult to handle, an attribute that makes them all the more painful to use on a regular basis. On the contrary, a smartphone that is loaded with an efficient team app is a much easier option to work with. Here are some reasons why such an app can beat traditional walkie talkies hollow when it comes to providing a perfect internal communications platform that can help connect team members efficiently:

  1. Comes At A Much Lower Cost  – Walkie Talkies are single-feature devices that come with a much higher overall price tag as compared to an internal communication app. Not only is their purchase cost high, their maintenance cost is also likely to burn a hole in your pocket. On the other hand, a team app is a multi-functional alternative which may be pricey upfront but it does not require any significant investment post-purchase. With such an app, it is possible to cut the costs further still by allowing employees to use their own devices, a strategy that isn’t possible if you are using walkie talkies. “Team Apps Offer Many More Features At A Relatively Lower Overall Cost As Compared To Walkie Talkies”
  2. Allows Smoother Communication – Mobile communication applications that run on fast internet speeds allow confidential and uninterrupted communication between team members. On the contrary, walkie talkies are known to pose issues like static noise that make it harder for two people to communicate clearly, therefore frequently giving rise to misunderstandings and confusion. Besides, it is impossible to hold a private conversation over a walkie talkie. “Team Apps Offer Interruption-Free Communication That Is Completely Secured And Confidential.”
  3. Offers Multifunctional Features – Mobile apps are known to bring a whole bag full of features the table. These include facilities like one-on-one messaging, group chats, file exchange, and image sharing, all of which make internal communication much more efficient. Walkie talkies are generally  limited by physical range and only offer voice transmission abilities that often hampers your ability to put across a point succinctly and clearly. Moreover, it is impossible to share a common message with a larger group at once using a walkie talkie. “Walkie Talkies Are Single-Feature Devices While Team Apps Provide Many Useful Communication Tools”
  4. Can Help Manage Disasters Better – In the face of natural calamities or even business-related catastrophes, a walkie talkie proves to be an utterly inefficient tool. An app that enables swift communication with several employees at once, irrespective of their physical location is a much more reliable communication method when it comes to averting or even managing crisis of all types. Such technology makes information dissemination much more easy and chaos-free. “In A Crisis Mobile Apps Are More Dependable Information Disseminators Than Walkie Talkies”
  5. Enables You To Track Communication – Walkie talkies are archaic devices that provide no means of revisiting the messages shared in the past. Tracking collaboration history is a useful feature especially when it comes to resolving conflicts within teams. Aside from this, with such technology employees no longer feel the need to jot down every tiny detail as they can pull out information from the logs if and when needed. Team apps allow communication tracking and are, therefore, preferred. “Communication Apps Allow Log Tracking While Walkie Talkies Don’t”
  6. Acts As A Document Repository – Critical documents that can help employees do their job better can be stored in a team app, making it easy to retrieve at all times including situations when they are on-the-go and do not have access to a computer. Such a provision is missing in a walkie talkie device. “A Team App Can Be Used To Store Important Documents While A Walkie Talkie Cannot.”

Office Curry’s communication system has a mobile app version as well as a web interface, both of which provide a range of exciting features that leave the ancient walkie talkies far behind. If you too are interested in knowing how our tools can give your internal communication strategy a much needed facelift by replacing your walkie talkie devices, write to us at – help@officecurry.com

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