Managing Conflicts Through Proper Team Communication

Managing Conflicts Through Proper Team Communication

The mainstay of any conflict resolution strategy especially in a professional setup is open and free-flowing communication. Read on to discover a few communication mantras that can help in quickly dissipating the first signs of internal conflict and avoiding failed outcomes like missed deadlines, disgruntled employees, and lost opportunities.

Conflict is inescapable whenever people are expected to work together as a team. The best of teams encounter internal strife at some point. An assortment of personalities, each with individual traits that may or may not match is bound to face situations in which there is plenty of scope for disagreement. While entirely avoiding conflict may not be possible all the time, there are ways in which it can be handled so that it does not create ineradicable cracks in the team morale and synergy. A work culture that is built on clear communication might be your best bet when it comes to reducing the chances of conflicts stemming from misunderstandings. On the other hand, current conflicts can also be tackled effectively through honest dialogue between the concerned parties. Here are some ways in which communication in the workplace can help address existing disputes amicably.

1. Take Note Of Brewing Issues And Talk Them Out Immediately. It is crucial for the team leader as well as the team members to acknowledge the existence of a conflict and engage in resolving it collectively through healthy discussions. The sooner a conflict is looked into the eyes and dealt with head-on the better it is for the team’s overall productivity.

2. Ensure Clarity Of Expectations. To maintain a harmonious work environment, it is essential that each one understands what the team’s and the manager’s expectations are. Confusion is the seed that gives birth to a majority of conflicts at the workplace. Therefore, it is vital to nurture a cohesive team ethos that promotes exchanging ideas and pooling resources to get the job done. Only a robust communication network can help achieve such a feat.

3. Give A Patient Hearing To The Aggrieved Parties. As a team leader of a team which is rocked by conflict, the best one can do to take the bull by its horns is give all the involved parties a patient ear. An empathetic leader who can listen before going into problem-solving mode can help melt conflicts like butter in the sun.

4. Steer Clear of Emails As The Primary Communication Tool. Emails used to be the easiest way to communicate in the past. However, over time many office-goers have realized what it is like to be buried in an email avalanche. Furthermore, an unread email or one that hasn’t been responded to in time can create chaotic conflicts on a regular basis. A better substitute for emails especially for internal collaboration are tools that offer real-time interaction. Such an alternative can be very useful in preventing communication breakdowns that lead to internal conflicts.

A team that is made up of people with diverse skills, experiences, and backgrounds has much more creative potential than one in which everyone thinks and functions alike. And yet, such a line-up can form a fertile ground for conflicts too. Cleaning up conflicts quickly through effective communication is vital when it comes to making space for creative juices to flow. The tools that Office Curry offers provide all the necessary features that can help teams communicate in real-time using a simple mobile application or even a web interface. Say goodbye to painful team conflicts by upgrading to Office Curry’s employee engagement model today!

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