Internal Marketing – Why It Is So Important For The Health Of Your Business?

Internal Marketing – Why It Is So Important For The Health Of Your Business?

One of the most important yet most ignored form of ecommerce marketing is internal marketing. It is easy to draw parallels in this context with the story of the cobbler’s children who didn’t have shoes. It is a heart breaking story and unfortunately it resonates with most companies. It is common for marketing teams to focus on how to sell products to the customers outside while totally ignoring a potential customer base sitting right under their noses – the company’s own employees. Here are a few things that one should know to ensure success in the area of internal marketing:

  1. Pick The Right Time For Major Internal Initiatives. Simply understanding the significance of internal marketing and designing initiatives for it is not enough. Timing is paramount when it comes to achieving the maximum bang for your buck. Implementing branding and visioning programs at a time when your company is undergoing a fundamental change can help you attain the success you are hoping for. For instance, when British Petroleum merged with  Amoco and ARCO and repositioned itself as an energy company, it launched several highly successful internal branding initiatives. These programs worked well because they were rolled out at a time when employees were looking for a direction.
  2. It Is Vital To Measure The Effectiveness Of Internal Marketing Initiatives. While it is essential to think of strategies that can help you promote your products as well as the overall brand internally, it is equally important to gauge the success of these initiatives and tweak them as and when needed. Using internal communication apps like the one offered by Office Curry, you can run surveys and polls that give you an idea about how your employees are responding to these efforts. Their level of awareness of brand values and whether they feel connected to the organization or not are just a few examples of things that can be measured.
  3. Synchronize Internal And External Branding – The message that an organization sends out to its customers outside should be the same as the one that is being received by its employees to avoid confusion. It is, therefore, very crucial to be totally transparent when it comes to company policies, mission, vision, and other such details especially with the employee base. Employees are the most effective brand ambassadors of any company. If they are clued-in with the latest and greatest that the company has to offer then they are bound to send out the same message to those they meet outside or the clients they work with. An internal communication app can help you maintain such a high level of transparency.
  4. Design Your Initiatives Well – The primary goal that should be kept in mind while implementing an internal marketing campaign is to build an emotional connect with the brand. A proper communication strategy that steers clear from complicated jargon and boring monologues and one that rings true for employees has the ability to break through the usual cynicism that creeps in over time. Short and sweet communications that deliver the desired message without eliciting yawns are the best bet. When delivered via internal communication apps, such messages become much more widespread.

Office Curry has developed a suite of tools that cater to all organisations looking for a real-time internal communication system. If you are one of these organisations, reach out to us and we will be happy to share more information about our product.

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