How To Keep Employees Engaged During The Holidays

How To Keep Employees Engaged During The Holidays

While holiday excitement is a force that cannot and should not be resisted, it is vital to know how to keep your employees going during the weeks leading up to this period of merriment. Here are some ideas that you can test this year to prevent a dip in productivity around the holidays.

Whether it is the shopping madness that engulfs people during Thanksgiving or the party planning that they get caught up in around Christmas and New Year, there are a host of much more interesting activities rather than work that occupy your employees’ time during the holiday season. The last thing on anybody’s mind is focusing on work-related tasks. As a result, the general vibe in most offices is anything but serious and most managers find it difficult to shift the attention towards year-end checklists and open items that need to be acted upon. The best way to deal with such holiday fever that seems to descend upon your office every year is to go with the flow. This philosophy does not necessarily mean letting your office turn into party central at the cost of work. Instead, it means implementing holiday-themed engagement initiatives that can keep your employees motivated and productive all through the holidays. Such programs also help ensure that your profitability does not take a hit. Here are some examples-

  1. Share Company Performance Figures – Most employees are interested in knowing how their year-round efforts have added up to the company’s overall performance. Sharing yearly figures and infographics that showcase the level of target achievement during the year and also talk about steps that are required to achieve all the goals set for the year may urge employees to go the extra mile. Such information can also be shared via a mobile communication app so that it is accessible to all employees, even those who work remotely or have already taken time off.
  2. Set Expectations For The Following Year – End of the year is a good time to take stock of where the organisation stands as well as set the tone for next year. A one-on-one discussion with each employee is helpful in analyzing performance and defining future expectations. Such a dialogue helps build transparency. It also works as a morale booster especially for top performers as their performance and work ethics are validated by their bosses, giving them a feeling of worthiness. Such discussions do not necessarily require the employee to be present physically in the supervisor’s office or a meeting room. A team app allows these chats to happen virtually as well. This feature is especially beneficial for those who are working from home or even those who do not work at a desk like shop floor employees.
  3. Engage Employees In Good Deeds – As the year winds down many people tend to evaluate their contribution to society at large. Organising team activities which provide a chance to do some charitable work is a good way to promote bonding while positively impacting the society at the same time. Volunteering at soup kitchens, running collection drives for apparel, footwear, books, and toys, or planting saplings are some examples of activities that emphasize the importance of the ‘season of giving’. It is possible to conduct an employee poll or survey using a team app to get a general sense of what most of your employees want to do this year to improve the quality of life on this planet and to help those who are less fortunate.
  4. Communicate The Organisation’s Plans For Promoting Good Health – The mental and physical health of employees should be of utmost importance to any organisation as it profoundly impacts productivity and quality of work in the long term. If you have some plans in the pipeline for helping employees keep fit while at work, now is the time to talk and disseminate information about them. Most people make health-related new year resolutions and are unable to follow them through. Your ideas for promoting good health at the workplace will help them stay motivated and also make it easier for them to look forward to getting back to work come January.

The holidays needn’t put a brake on the fast-moving wheels of your organisation. Instead, use this period judiciously to your benefit by making it a time for encouragement and bonhomie. Build tighter teams and motivate them to continue giving their best in times to come. It is only during the relaxed pace and good cheer of the holidays that one can indulge in organisational activities and events that are impossible to think of at any other time of the year. So, make the best of it and reap rich dividends in the coming years.

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