How to build a comprehensive Communication Plan for an Event Management Company

How to build a comprehensive Communication Plan for an Event Management Company

Effective internal communication is the foremost aspect that defines a successful event management company. Here are some things to keep in mind while chalking out a comprehensive communication plan for your event management endeavour.

Managing high profile events is a task that not many people are cut out for. What contributes majorly to its complexity is the fact that it entails great levels of multitasking which requires each one on the team to be a fantastic communicator. Successful event planning organizations, therefore, provide their employees with effective communication methods that help them stay in touch with all the concerned stakeholders at all times. Since multiple people are involved in planning and executing an event, it becomes all the more important for each one of them to be able to communicate with the others without any hassles. Besides, a comprehensive communication strategy helps ascertain that every individual has a clear understanding of what is expected out of him or her, thereby increasing productivity manifold. It also helps people know when to extend a helping hand to a team member who is fighting unforeseen fires. Clearly, robust interconnectivity can help event planners skirt disasters and ensure that every event is a hit.

The following tips can help you build a comprehensive communication strategy for your event management organisation:

  1. Build Strong Interpersonal Relationships With Your Team – Peter Poehle, the CEO and co-founder of, believes that personal contact can help build a lasting relationship with employees, clients, partners, and other important stakeholders. Aside from event-related communications, make sure that you connect with your team frequently. This communication could be in the form of quick one-on-one chats in person or via a mobile communication app like the one offered by Office Curry. It could also be in the form of informational group messages that aim to keep employees informed about the latest organizational updates.
  2. Do Not Forget To Loop In The Third Party Vendors – Vendors like caterers and photographers who have been roped in for an event need to be just as in on the communication plan as the internal team members. Urge your employees to follow up with external associates often when in the process of planning and executing events. A gap in communication or a miscommunication with external associates can jeopardize the success of an event and lead to a disastrous outcome.
  3. Delegate Tasks Efficiently – Clear division of tasks is a vital aspect of event planning. Provide crystal clear calls to action to your team members. You can use Office Curry’s mobile team app to assign specific tasks to team members and track their progress. By doing so, you can make sure that no one drops the ball at any point of time and that no ends are left hanging loose. At the end of the day, smooth sailing happens only when each individual involved in the execution of an event has his or her work defined clearly as opposed to when only a handful of people shoulder all the responsibility while the rest stroll around aimlessly.
  4. Recognize And Reward High Performers – It is critical to appreciate a job well done more so in high pressure jobs like event planning. Using a mobile team app to publicly laud those who have gone over and above the call of duty to deliver exceptional value is a great idea. Such communication helps motivate employees to continue giving their best and also serves as an inspiration for all others.

Event Management can prove to be quite taxing especially since it involves dealing with a posse of moving targets, all at once. It is, therefore, crucial for event planners to define a clear and comprehensive communication plan that helps them get the job done quickly and effectively. A team communication app can help make things easier by providing the necessary tools required for team leaders and their subordinates to stay connected and roll out exceptional events one after the other.

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