How Construction Companies Can Benefit From An Internal Communications App

How Construction Companies Can Benefit From An Internal Communications App

The construction business is one of those lines of work in which sticking to timelines is almost next to impossible. More often than not, the scope and the milestones change several times during the course of a project, making it all the more difficult for project managers to do their job. The biggest challenge that construction managers face in this volatile business is ensuring that field workers are aware of any changes being made to a project that is underway. Similarly, aligning independent contractors to the everchanging goals of the project is a tough task. While operating in such a fluid work environment, it is most essential to set up a robust internal communication strategy and acquire sophisticated tools to support it. The most apt internal communication tool for such projects is one that can be used on a mobile phone and offers real-time features. A mobile communications app brings the following advantages to the table especially for a construction company:


  1. Allows Instant Communication With Field Workers – Sending instant updates to those on the field as well as independent contractors becomes much easier with the help of a mobile communication app. In addition, all project documentation can be uploaded here and can be accessed by team members at all times, therefore, making sure that everyone is on the same page.

  3. Helps Managers Set Clear Targets For Each Member Of The Project – In large projects, it is often seen that the expectations and goals of the management and the clients differ significantly from those of individual field workers and contractors. Such disparity in understanding can lead to skewed outcomes which can be detrimental to the overall success of the project. Using a mobile app, managers can setup and communicate daily or weekly targets. Such transparency helps enhance productivity. Managers can fine-tune the targets based on the ability and availability of team members.

  5. Creates An Accountable Work Environment – In large scale construction projects, there are usually multiple sites. Team members are spread out amongst these sites. Tracking performances of all members so that underachievers are identified and put on PIP and overachievers are lauded and rewarded becomes a much more complex task in such a setup. A mobile communication app helps construction managers gauge the performance of each individual by tracking their progress in real time. When all contractors and field workers known that their work is being monitored regularly, they tend to behave more responsibly and put in their best at all times.

Office Curry’s mobile communication app serves as the perfect solution for construction companies as it offers a range of real time features including cloud-based document repository, group and individual chats, analytics, and employee polls. Using this app, construction managers can not only manage projects better but also retain workers longer by offering them an open, communicative, and engaged work atmosphere.

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