How An Advanced Internal Communication Tool Can Help HR Create A Future Workforce

How An Advanced Internal Communication Tool Can Help HR Create A Future Workforce

Digital disruption, a mixed-bag workforce, and an unstable socio-economic environment – these are some of the most prominent factors today that influence the employee-employer relationship. Against such a rapidly evolving backdrop, the task of HR departments across companies becomes quite daunting especially when it comes to employee development and engagement. One of the most pivotal tools in the HR toolkit to not just manage, but also develops and retain such a diverse crowd is an appropriate internal communication strategy. A robust internal communication mechanism can help HR teams connect with employees doing all kinds of jobs and belonging to all age groups and backgrounds. All these efforts ultimately contribute to increased productivity and better profits, especially since only a fully engaged workforce can work as a unified organism to achieve the company’s goals.

A sophisticated internal communication system that uses mobile technology can come to the rescue of HR personnel who are grappling with the issue of how to increase employee retention rates given the workforce diversity and the expectations created by a largely digitized world. Here are some areas that can gain immensely from the implementation of this sort of a system-

1. Onboarding – When new employees join the workforce, the last thing that they want to feel is lost. The impression that they form in the first few weeks of their association with an organization is pivotal in determining how long they will last there. Therefore, it is very critical for HR teams to design engagement tactics that target new hires specifically. An app-based communication system can be helpful here. Giving new employees instant access to information related to the company’s policies, processes, and systems can be a good start. The easy availability of such data at the click of a button on their smartphones can give new hires a feeling of belonging right from day one and. Additionally, the fact that they can chat with HR personnel and get their queries answered almost immediately can help build a positive impression. ‘An app-based communication system can help integrate new hires faster’

2. Engagement – Engaging a diverse workforce can be a complex task. However, technological advancements like mobile applications that are easy to use yet provide a range of features can be instrumental in building a rapport between employers and employees. A team communication app help HR personnel connect directly with employees, address their grievances in real time, providing them with the latest insights about the company, and giving them a platform to share their opinions and feedback. Through these initiatives, it is possible to make employees feel heard and wanted.

3. Performance Improvement Process – A mobile app-based communication system can facilitate the process of performance monitoring, especially for those whose work quality does not meet expectations. Setting short-term goals for such employees and following up with them on a regular basis becomes an easier activity when the communication occurs in real time and the progress can be reviewed quickly on your smartphone versus having to log in to an online system which might be a more cumbersome process.

4. Performance Appraisal – HR employees usually tend to spend a lot of time following up with managers to meet deadlines during the annual appraisal season. With an internal communication app, it is possible to send group reminders, set alerts for deadlines, review the overall completion rate, and answer queries related to the process quickly.

5. Recognition – The need for instant public gratification is higher amongst the Millennials than others. Considering the rising number of these young employees, it is vital to find ways in which their need for recognition is addressed immediately. A communication app that allows group messaging can be a perfect solution for this requirement. Using such a forum, a job well done can be instantly appreciated on such a platform, making the concerned employee feel motivated to do even better next time.

6. Pay and Benefits Related Communications – It is a well-known fact that for most employees, information related to their salary and benefits package is of supreme importance. Legal mandates that need to be complied with and any changes concerning remuneration structures or policies are news items that employees expect to receive immediately. An app-based internal communication tool can help HR disseminate such vital information to all affected employees through a single group chat. Besides, all the documentation pertaining to these changes can be uploaded in the cloud-based storage system offered by a tool of this kind, therefore, ensuring excellent accessibility.

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