How A Robust Internal Communication Strategy Can Positively Impact Your Bottom Line

How A Robust Internal Communication Strategy Can Positively Impact Your Bottom Line

At first glance, the effectiveness of a company’s internal communications may not seem like an area that requires or warrants a great deal of attention especially when it comes to boosting its bottom line. However, as HR departments across industries are delving deeper into the mysterious realm of employee engagement, they are slowly realizing the value of establishing systems and tools that foster healthy communication. Such mechanisms have shown immense potential in elevating employee satisfaction and consequently pulling up the profitability. Effective team communication that allows information to flow fluidly and continuously across structures can do wonders for a company’s overall productivity. On the other hand, organizations that pay little attention to this vital facet that defines their work environment and in turn impacts the level of employee engagement, stand to incur losses to the tune of millions of dollars per year.

In an era of mobile technology when just a click of a button on a smartphone screen can accomplish the smallest as well as the most complicated of chores or activities, unhampered communication within a company is also something that can be easily achieved through a smartphone app. The advantages of such technology are many. Here are some of the most pertinent ones:

1. Creates An Environment Suitable For Collaboration – Traditional communication systems that included office memos and face-to-face meetings have become a thing of the past primarily because jobs have become more mobile and the need of the hour is to have employees who are willing to work from anywhere at any time. Even email as a form of communication has become clunky and often people find themselves buried under an email avalanche, unable to prioritize the large volumes in the order of urgency. In such a climate, internal collaboration becomes difficult. A team communication app can help bring both in-house and remote employees together in real-time. It can, therefore, facilitate brainstorming, timely execution of projects and an innovative mindset.

2. Dismantles Communication Barriers Created By Hierarchical Structures – An internal communication app is a perfect antidote for one-way communication flow, a trend that is quickly dissipating. If communication is limited to the top-down variety wherein information only trickles down the hierarchy and never flows in the opposite direction, employee feedback and sentiment may never reach the ears of those in the upper echelons of management. Low employee morale and discontent are bound to happen in such places. A communication app can help management ensure that information is being disseminated to all sections of the company alike. Through such an app, it is also possible for employees to voice their feedback and concerns to those who are at the top and can make a difference.

3. Allows Better Team Management – Assigning, tracking, and managing tasks as part of large projects is a tough job. Project leaders and team leaders of such teams often find themselves struggling as they are unable to keep track of what all is happening within their groups. Mobile communication apps created especially for companies provide some fabulous features for managers which include task allocation features that allow them to delegate pieces of work to team members while also simultaneously tracking the progress. Such a tool helps avoid confusion, duplication of work, and misunderstandings, all of which can eat into the productivity and profitability of the company at large.

4. Offers A Speedy Communication Channel – Gone are the days when people had the patience to wait for days at a stretch to get a response to their email. Today when the workforce is inundated with millennial and Generation Z employees, it is vital to pay attention to their need for instant gratification and their impatience. Communication apps offer secured internal chat as an alternative. Such a feature can be used for both team deliberations through group chats or one-on-one discussions. Since every conversation occurs in real time, such a tool is very useful in ensuring that all team members are on the same page and have received the same communication.

5. Makes Communication-Based Analytics A Possibility – Mobile apps for internal communication often come with built-in analytical tools that help you analyze trends by assessing the interactions. This is an indirect channel for feedback as by studying it you may be able to put a finger on which information is most sought after and how you can make it easier to comprehend.

Office Curry offers a suite of tools all bundled together in a compact and easy-to-use mobile app which can be easily downloaded on any smartphone. It provides the perfect set of features that are required to smoothen the flow of information within an organization. Live conversations, online polls, document storage, and many such useful options can help promote synergy and innovation to give your organization’s profits a nudge in the right direction.

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