Holiday Parties At The Workplace – 5 Ideas To Make Them More Interesting

Holiday Parties At The Workplace – 5 Ideas To Make Them More Interesting

The final quarter is not only a time to take stock of all that has happened in the months gone by but also a period of merriment and bonhomie. Most offices enjoy a relaxed and peaceful ambience during these months. This is a time when people are most willing to participate in team building activities and are more receptive to new ideas and also to feedback. All of this and much more can be achieved through a well-planned year-end bash. It is, therefore, vital to first crack the code of a perfect holiday party. A successful soiree is one that keeps everyone engaged and entertained. It offers an informal setting where people can connect and interact with each other. It also gives the management team a chance to appreciate good work and to talk a little bit about their vision for the year to come. At no point should such an event become boring as that may chase most of your attendees away. Neither should it become too over-the-top since nothing spells disaster more boldly than an office party that has turned into a frat-house shindig.

Ensuring that a holiday gathering is well attended and doesn’t lose its fizz quickly is quite challenging especially since office parties have gained quite a tainted reputation over the years. If you too are trying to plan a fantastic office party for your employees and are scratching your head trying to come up with interesting ideas, allow us to make things a little easier for you. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started.

1. Experiment With Diversity – If your organization has a diverse workforce, it is an excellent idea to explore this angle while throwing a holiday party. People from different cultures tend to have varied holiday traditions. Encouraging them to bring a certain element of their culture to share with others can serve as an interesting ice-breaker. Use an internal communication tool like the one offered by Office Curry to plan such an event better. Such an app can help you gather inputs from employees, take a poll to gauge the acceptability of the idea, and to get updates on how each one plans to participate. 

2. Try Silly Presents To Lighten The Mood – If you and your co-workers have recently gone through some turbulent times at work especially in the form of tough deadlines or unsatisfactory year-end business results, the overall disposition is bound to be cranky, exhausted, and disengaged. The best way to cut the tension and relieve some stress is by giving out some gag gifts. Holiday presents that come with a hilarious twist like a broken clock for those who refuse to move their in or out time by even a few seconds, or a planner with all the recurring meetings already marked for the absentminded ones or even something as useless as a teacup with a hole for the one who drinks up all the tea every day can help diffuse the tension and trigger peals of laughter.

3. Tingle The Altruistic Streak – Since it is the ‘season of giving’, most people tend to turn altruistic around this time. In the period preceding your office party, you can break down your employee base into teams and assign a charitable organization to each team. These teams can work towards raising funds for their organizations and the results can be announced at the holiday party. An exciting prize for the winning team like an all-expense-paid team outing can be an added attraction to motivate people to put in their best efforts. An office communication app can help you make such an initiative successful by allowing you to post an updated progress chart often. Such frequent updates can make the competition more thrilling. 

4. Plan The Music In Advance – No party is complete without some great music. In case of office parties, nothing is lamer than one with drab tunes. It is, therefore, essential to create a fantastic playlist in advance. Make sure to incorporate the music choices of each generation group. Depending on the demographics of your employee base you may want to consider options like EDM, hits from the 70s and 80s, soft rock, and even some of the recent pop numbers. You can run a poll on your team app to get an idea of what people wish to listen to and create your playlist accordingly. In fact, if you can score a live band, nothing like it! People of all age groups enjoy live music and such an effort at an office party is sure to reap rich dividends. 

5. Plan An Office Carnival – Carnivals are just as integral to the holiday season as are Christmas trees and presents. Turn your office space into a fun zone which is reminiscent of holiday carnivals that most of your employees must have enjoyed as children. You can set up some typical carnival-style game booths with games like ring-toss, shoot-the-balloon, and pin the tail. Food stalls that offer items like hot-dogs, popcorn, funnel cake, and cotton candy can add to the festivity. It is best to get the word out quickly about such a grand party so that people can plan their other commitments accordingly. Spreading the information about a holiday party is easier through an internal team app as you can reach out to everyone including those who work from home or are on the road often. 

Give your employees a chance to be merry even at the workplace by planning an event that not only boosts their morale but also adds to the overall cheeriness of the holiday season by busting all the pent-up stress. Try Office Curry’s communication tools to plan and execute such a holiday party and make sure your office bash is the talk of town for months to come!

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