Give Your Business An Upward Thrust Through A Tech-Savvy Business Communication Strategy

Give Your Business An Upward Thrust Through A Tech-Savvy Business Communication Strategy

An enterprise whose offices are abuzz with client calls, PowerPoint presentations and team meetings, whose sales figures are shooting through the roof, and whose employees appear eager and excited to do a good job is usually touted as a perfect example of business success. However, not many people are perceptive enough to see through the layers of such an organization and decipher the most vital underlying characteristic that facilitates all these aspects. An effective business communication strategy that offers employees tools and processes to communicate better is the core ingredient that distinguishes very successful, highly profitable ventures from those that are merely getting by. Here is how such a strategy can give your business’s bottom line a healthy upward thrust:

1. Improves Rate Of Retention – In an economy that is doing sufficiently well, it isn’t too difficult for people to switch jobs if they are even a tad bit unhappy at their current workplace. One of the largest reasons for employees to leave companies is a lack of engagement and a feeling of being lost and uncared for. A high attrition rate creates a big dent in your company’s bottom line as finding the right people to fill critical positions is a time-consuming and expensive affair. A robust communication strategy that involves the use of high-tech app-based team communication tools can help improve the horizontal and vertical flow of information within your organization and, therefore, improve retention rates.

2. Makes It Easier For Employees To Understand Their Goals – In an organization which uses a mobile app for internal communication, it becomes far more easy for employees to reach out to their supervisors often to recalibrate their understanding of the anticipated outcome of a project. As a result, the number of times a team member or an entire team wanders off the course reduces considerably thereby pulling down the rate of rework and the time and money lost in doing so. Similarly, such easy-to-use technology is a wonderful tool for managers to continually keep a check on their team to ensure that mistakes are corrected quickly before they begin bursting at the seams and tainting the entire project.

3. Helps Create An Innovative Culture – Teams that are able to put their heads together to solve problems without worrying about being physically present in a conventional meeting room tend to work out more innovative solutions than others. Communication technology that is available on smartphones enables such a working culture and therefore, encourages innovation and creativity within teams. On the other hand, when people are dependent on each team member’s physical availability to untangle issues that act as a hindrance to the successful completion of projects, it not only costs the company financially but also demotivates employees.

4. Opens A Channel For All Kinds Of Internal Feedback – It is a universal truth that transparency can help solve many problems by reducing the possibility of miscommunications and misunderstandings. Feedback that flows from top to bottom is not the only form of commentary that facilitates smoother workflow and reduces the time needed to achieve results. For employees to be able to discuss their opinions with their supervisors and for them to be able to openly communicate with their peers is just as important to avoid various types of bottlenecks.

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