5 Game Changing Apps in 2019 for Modern Day Business

5 Game Changing Apps in 2019 for Modern Day Business

All types of businesses in the modern world, irrespective of their scale and their industrial affiliation, depend on a variety of apps to run smooth operations. It is not just the financial viability of such applications, but also their ease of use that makes them so popular in the corporate arena. Over the past half a decade, these technological marvels have become one of the most significant forces behind the rising profitability of business ventures. Most economic pundits predict that this wave of app-specific digital transformation is only going to gain momentum in the coming year with many high-tech apps radically changing the way commercial enterprises operate. In fact, a handful of such critical applications are all set to expand their customer base and revamp the face of businesses all over the world. Some of these are as follows:

  1. Grammarly Keyboard – An organization’s marketing strategy is incomplete without a plan in place for digital marketing. One of the most fundamental requirements of successful digital marketing is creation of excellent quality, error-free content that can be published online on a regular basis. Grammarly keyboard is an app that proofreads all the content generated by content writers and points out grammatical errors, typing faults, and readability issues that may make content appear less professional and tardy.
  2. Google Drive Suite – Easy accessibility of information is the cornerstone of any fruitful collaborative and innovative initiative. Google Drive Suite is an assortment of tools that helps teams communicate better. It comprises of collaborative files like documents, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations. It also offers voice and video calling facilities, real-time chat, and forms for creating quizzes and surveys. 
  3. Office Curry – A mobile communication app that helps strengthen internal communications within teams, Office Curry’s tool suite has a lot to offer. From an organized system that allows internal conversations to be categorized into buckets like company-wide, department-specific, and team-specific to cataloguing important company documents so that they can be accessed quickly and without much hassle, this app brings some unique features to the table. It supports several languages other than English, making it perfect for organizations that cut across geographical boundaries. Furthermore, it allows managers to assign tasks, set due dates and reminders, and create employee opinion polls online. 
  4. Xero – This is an app-based accounting system that is tailored for small businesses. It ties in most aspects of finance and accounting into one simple application, making it much more easy for business owners to manage and track their finances. Invoicing, inventory management, payroll processing, bank reconciliations, bill payments, and bank transactions are some examples of activities that can be handled using Xero’s user-friendly application. 
  5. Hootsuite – What started out as merely a means of entertainment has now assumed a very critical role in the area of digital marketing. We are talking about Social Media. For ascertaining success, it is therefore essential to build a robust social media footprint. However, doing so is not an easy task especially since there are numerous such networks on the internet today.  Hootsuite aims at simplifying this process. It allows you to manage your presence on a host of social media platforms from a common location. It makes tracking and scheduling of postings much more convenient. One can answer queries, reply to messages, and react to brand mentions on all the popular social networks through a single dashboard. “ 

It is clear that  the world of business is evolving at a great speed and that apps are an integral part of this evolution. As a business owner, it is up to you to either adapt to the changing times by embracing digital disruption and all its varied outcomes with open arms or to plant yourself stubbornly against the tide and resist change, even though you may stand to gain from it eventually. While the former stance may pose some difficulties at first, it is sure to pay rich dividends later. The latter may seem to be the easier path to take in the beginning, but it is bound to take you down the road of obsoleteness and loss of business over time. 

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