5 Communication Goals That Every Organization Should Target In 2019

5 Communication Goals That Every Organization Should Target In 2019

The importance of building a fault-free intra-organizational communication structure cannot be emphasized enough. It has been proven innumerable times that an employee base unified by an excellent communication framework is much more productive, engaged, and committed. A robust communication strategy makes room for uninhibited, two-way information flow, making employees feel included and empowered, and fostering a belongingness that urges them to put in their best. In the past few years, a smattering of team communication-related policies and processes has shown up across industries, giving a rough shape to the desired result. While this is a good starting point, these nascent plans need to be refined further to reach the final state of perfection. Therefore, focusing on how to improve internal communication techniques and processes is an area that will continue to garner attention from the business community in the year 2019. Here are a few goals that every business venture should work towards this year to build healthy internal communication:

1. Make It Consistent – Consistency in what is being communicated to employees and how it is being communicated is vital for the success of any communication strategy. Similarly, a reliable platform that can be used by all employees regularly to interact and connect is also an undisputable requirement. A cloud-based mobile communication app offers the dependability needed from a technological perspective. Such a system is simple to use and has very little scope for failure. It can also be customized to provide a company specific look and feel.

2. Ensure A Two-Way Street – Only focusing on top-down communication will give you partial success. If you wish to build an open, communicative culture within your organization, it is essential to pay just as much attention to bottom-up and lateral flow of information as well. Through app-based polls and forums, it is possible to nip rumours in the bud, encourage innovation, promote inter-department collaboration, and slowly nurture transparency and trust.

3. Avoid Information Overload – Bombarding your employees with lengthy company mails, overwhelming charts and figures, notices, and bulletins on a daily basis is also not a good idea. Such information overload can cause employees to switch off and when this happens critical announcements may go unnoticed, causing chaos later. Break down information in smaller bite-sized portions and deliver them in a crisp and easy-to-read format to avoid all the confusion.

4. Keep It Simple – Complicated communication tools are an automatic turn-off as not many people feel too enthusiastic about spending time to learn how to use them. A straightforward mobile application that can be operated by one and all without much trouble is the most ideal solution. Even if such a system does not come replete with all the bells and whistles and only serves as a platform for information exchange, it will still have a much higher acceptability than a sophisticated tool that is overly complex.

5. Explore Technology – While a technological overhaul is bound to bring about some amount of disruption, it is still vital to embrace new tools and systems to stay in the game. Mobile apps are the most popular communication tool in the business of late. They are perfect for employees of all generations and bring to the table the advantage of being a real-time mode of communication.

Office Curry has a sophisticated yet simplistic suite of tools that makes office communications easy and free flowing. All kinds of employees will be able to use it effortlessly and therefore it has the potential to strengthen your internal communication strategy and give you all the positive results that you are hoping for in the year 2019.

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