4 Ways In Which Effective Field Force Training Can Boost Business For E-Commerce Players

4 Ways In Which Effective Field Force Training Can Boost Business For E-Commerce Players

In today’s economic landscape, e-commerce ventures have a pretty large footprint. A concept that no longer qualifies for being called a fledgling, the business of setting up shop on the Internet has, over time, developed its own set of rules. For instance, the organization structure of such entities is unique considering that most of them employ a large number of people who operate remotely. From field sales teams that are responsible for seller acquisition to the logistics department that includes delivery staff to the inventory management division that is located at the warehouses, e-commerce players tend to have a widely dispersed workforce. Then there is the e-mobility sector within the gamut of e-commerce which hires chauffeurs who are always on the road and never in an office. While such a spread-out employee base may appear to be the only ideal solution for internet businesses, it often poses nightmarish issues if the correct management tools are not being used.

One of the most crucial areas of workforce management, especially when it comes to the field force, is training. Peak customer satisfaction, which is rightfully the endgame for all e-commerce businesses, can only be achieved if the customer-facing employees are properly trained. A well-defined and seamlessly executed coaching program specially tailored to fit the needs of those who are actually on the ground can have far-reaching impacts. Here are some of the positive outcomes of a training strategy that focuses on the field force:

1. Increase In Responsiveness – A delivery executive who comes to drop off a customer’s online shopping haul, is expected to satisfactorily answer their queries. These questions could be regarding the company’s return, exchange and refund policies, the acceptable payment methods or the availability of delivery scheduling facilities. By giving accurate answers to such questions, these executives are bound to leave a lasting impression on your clientele, further cementing their loyalty towards your brand. Regular training sessions and easy access to training material while on-the-go are two things that can help groom delivery executives who represent your company in front of the customers.

2. Higher Focus On Customer Delight – As a customer, it is perhaps just as essential to being serviced by pleasant and patient executives as is the promptness of the service. For example, a polite, well-groomed chauffeur who is mindful of older people, kids, and pregnant women and who has good manners can easily convert first-time customers into repeat customers for e-mobility businesses. Coaching such executives on the importance of proper etiquettes and ways to deal with all kinds of customers, even those who are unreasonable and irritable, is an excellent way to ensure that your company continues to be the preferred choice for customers.

3. Ensure Employee Retention – Poaching is a common practice in the world of e-commerce. Field executives who are smart and well turned out are plum resources that most competitors vie for. To be able to hold on to such assets, it is crucial to make them feel connected and engaged. The ability to decipher their growth path within the company through regular mentoring sessions can give them something substantial to look forward to while clocking in their hours. Similarly, the feeling of being connected not just with their supervisors but also with their peers on a regular basis can boost employee loyalty and help you retain excellent field staff.

4. Excellent Branding – Executives who interact directly with customers act as brand ambassadors for the company. If the field staff is personally aligned with the company’s vision and goals, they end up projecting a positive image of the company wherever they go. Such orientation is possible only when there is a robust training mechanism in place that helps reaffirm the principles of the organization periodically. It also gives employees a sense of belonging which, in turn, makes them stick longer.

It is vital to explore mobile solutions for training field staff especially since almost everyone today owns a smartphone and is savvy enough to use it. Mobile applications that provide real-time communication features, document repositories and options for hosting virtual ‘town-hall’ style meetings have the potential to resolve team management and training woes associated with the field force. Office Curry offers mobile tools that bring all the above-mentioned facets to the table and can, therefore, help e-commerce companies effectively organize training for their front-end employees. If you too have been on the lookout for that perfect solution that can help you train and retain your field force, then Office Curry tools are a must-try for you. For more information on what Office Curry has to offer and how you can benefit from it, click here

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