Simplify Conversations. Collaborate with Teams. Motivate your Troops.

Connect directly with your entire workforce

Extend your reach to ALL your employees including, offsite workers such as field representatives and feet on the street. Connect with your colleagues individually, in groups or en masse.

One application for both formal and informal conversations

Boost employee productivity by bringing all your internal communication on a single platform. Connect and collaborate with everyone across departments, offices, sites or cities.

Enhance employee engagement through inclusion

Value participation and teamwork by involving your employees in decision making, taking their feedback on company matters and create two-way information flow, even with remote workers.

Use your knowledge base for driving innovation

Preserve important deliberations even after employees leave the organization. New employees come up to speed faster by reviewing past conversations and appreciating the historical context.

Empower Your Team with Transparent

Secure your company's
confidential interactions

Encourage open dialogue and
feedback. Bring transparency.

Manage Processes,
Projects or Tasks

Get access to important
company documents on the go

Employee Directory at your

HR Analytics to measure
employee engagement

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